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Spirit Bloom Enneagram Coaching


Every single person has tremendous gifts to bring to the world - my job is to use the Enneagram to help you find yours! 

To learn more about how the Enneagram can help you, look around the website or send me an email below!


"This past year was one of my hardest ever. But I have grown in so many ways through my sessions. I don't have to deny my feelings or run from my trials. I can now face my trials and feel my way through my feelings."

Alina S.

Upcoming Events

  • Group Energy Healing for the Nine Points of the Enneagram Within You
    Nov 03, 8:00 PM – 8:40 PM EDT
    This is a live group remote energy healing session where we'll work through the energies blocking the Nine points of the Enneagram within you!
  • The Body Center, Heart Center, and Head Center: How Each Point of the Enneagram Reflects Part of Our Intelligence
    Nov 17, 8:00 PM – Nov 18, 9:00 PM
    Many people have heard that everyone has all Nine Points of the Enneagram in them, but have you ever wondered how that works?