My name is Alex Yoel and I'm a Life Coach who uses personality typing systems to help you unlock your personal power!


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"This past year was one of my hardest ever. But I have grown in so many ways through my sessions. I don't have to deny my feelings or run from my trials. I can now face my trials and feel my way through my feelings, it seems to pass more quickly than when I denied them and tried to resist them. And there is something for everyone. Just to be at peace with yourself and who you are."

—  Alina S.


What to Expect

My clients come from all around the world, but they all say they get the same things from working with me:

1. They decide what really matters to them

Most of us spend our time chasing what we're told to, not what we really want.

You get settled into patterns and eventually stop questioning them. These become the assumptions of your life.

But the truth is that no part of who you are is unchangeable. You can be whoever you want to be!

I help you break down the assumptions so you can discover what you really want in life.

Knowing what you want is more than half of the battle!

2. They find their superpowers

Every person on the planet has gifts, but most of us choose to minimize them.

For most of our early lives, we don't have much choice about how we spend our time. We're rewarded for doing what we're told, not what we're good at.

We get so used to following the path laid out for us that we don't think to take the reigns for ourselves when the time comes to do so.

I'll use my extensive experience with personality typing systems to help you identify what you're naturally good at and overcome what's holding you back!

3. They make meaningful changes in their lives

Whenever you try to make big changes in your life, you end up fighting against inertia.

The people in your life are used to you being a certain way, and you're used to living a certain way.


It's all too easy to find the answers, then compromise on what you accept in your life.

I'll guide you through this adjustment period, keeping you motivated and focused on what you're working towards, and helping you navigate and overcome the resistances you'll face along the way!




All sessions are performed remotely (by phone or Zoom), so feel free to book them from anywhere in the world! 

How to Work with Me

Long Term Coaching

If you're looking for support in changing deep patterns over time, I work with many people on a regular basis.

We can either establish and work towards specific goals, or we can focus on moving in a generally 'upward' direction, breaking down the events of your life real time and deciding what to do about it. 

However you're most comfortable working, you can expect to gain new perspective and deeper understanding of yourself and your life as we go.

The longer we work together, the better I'll get to know you and the details of your life, and the better the guidance I offer will get!

Image by Anton Darius

Short Term Coaching

If you're looking for some deep advice to propel you forward on your journey, I work with many clients on a short term basis!

When you're looking to make a big change in your life, it's important to start off on the right path. So many people try to make positive changes happen in their lives, but don't succeed because they stay trapped in the thinking/dreaming stage.

I'll help you understand yourself better and match your goals to who you truly are so you can be sure you're heading in the right direction.


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