My Philosophy

"We cannot change anything unless we accept it."-Carl Jung


I believe that in order to make positive changes in our lives, we must first accept ourselves for who we are. Once we do that, we're free to pursue happiness for ourselves and share it with others.

The greatest win-win scenario in life is when you realize that doing exactly what you want to do is the best way to get all of your needs met.

It takes a little practice, and a lot of openness, but once you tap into your deepest desires nothing can stop you from having the life you've always wanted!

My Story

I've spent my life studying people and trying to understand what makes them happy.


I first encountered personality typing when I was 12 years old, when I was typed in the Myers Briggs by a family friend who was a well known writer and consultant. I became obsessed and started spending all of my spare time digging through websites and forums, trying to master the system. I kept up with that for years - in my mind, it was the key to understanding myself and deepening my connection with others.

Life went on fairly conventionally. I decided that financial success was important to me and, after getting a degree in Economics, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in real estate. I continued on that path for years, not realizing how much of myself I had to repress or ignore to succeed.


In 2012, I discovered the Enneagram, and it began to change everything for me. Until that point I had understood the way I thought, but not the way I felt. I had always thought of emotions as situational - something bad or good happens, you experience the corresponding emotion, then you move on.


But the Enneagram showed me how much more there is to it than that. As I studied the system, I went through the radical process of finding my type and accepting the imperfections that went along with it.


I used my newfound self awareness to shift my career to better suit my Enneagram type, and almost instantly had a great deal more success. At the same time, I started to see vast improvement in my personal life as I learned to openly accept my faults and mistakes, rather than trying to push them down or smooth them over.


My life was so thoroughly improved that I wanted to take it even farther, and a few years later I started this business so I could dedicate myself to helping others make the same life transformation that I did.

I am currently undergoing a Year-Long Enneagram Certification Program led by Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb.

My Personaltiy Type

Enneagram Type:

9w8, SX/SO/SP, 9-5-2

Myers Briggs:


Michael Teachings:

Priest / Sage Role

Server / Scholar Casting