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Find out how Distance Reiki can help you clear your energy field and unlock your self healing potential!

Shamanic Reiki

What is Distance Reiki?

What I call Distance Reiki is a system of energy transmission based on the teachings of various shamanic writers and educators.

The methods I use draw from several sources. My initial work was primarily influenced by Jose Stevens, a healer, writer, and channel based in New Mexico.


His work is heavily tied to the Michael Teachings, a body of knowledge channeled from the entity known as Michael by a set of students of George Gurdjieff's work. (Gurdjieff's work also led to the development of the modern Enneagram system!)

I have also been certified in Shamanic Healing by Itzhak Beery (Andean Tradition), and have learned from don Oscar Miro-Quesada (Pachakuti Mesa Tradition), and I incorporate that knowledge into my work.

How does it Work?

In your first session we start by getting oriented to each other and connecting to establish a bit of energetic openness. (Subsequent sessions can be performed without conversation if preferred).

I maintain the energetic connection as we talk for a few minutes about what's going on in your life that brought you to the session while I "listen" for direction from our spirit guides.

Once a direction is established, metaphysical energy starts flowing. In Shamanic traditions, the healer is just the conduit (a "hollow bone") through which the energy transmission flows.

I feel what's happening energetically to your body in my own body as we work, which allows me to give insights at the end of the session. Some people feel the same exact sensations I feel while the energy is transmitting!

What are the Sessions Like?

Distance Reiki sessions are a bit unpredictable!

Some sessions are quite silent. We simply connect, close our eyes, and work through your blockages.

In other sessions, I "receive" more verbal communication to pass on to you. We can sometimes go back and forth between transmission and speaking every few minutes, like a conversation between you and the spirits providing the energy.

Either way, the sessions can be quite powerful, leaving you with some new perspectives and shifts in your inner world!

These sessions can be somewhat draining, so make sure to drink plenty of water and plan on having a restful day afterwards.