Enneagram Life Coaching

Want to break through your limiting patterns and forge a better life for yourself? I've got your back! I offer life coaching as well as typing and educational sessions!


Development with the Enneagram

How does the Enneagram help with personal development?

Everybody has a personality with specific and unique patterns. Some of those patterns change over time, and some don’t. By understanding the ones that don’t change, we can learn to live our lives to accommodate our subconscious preferences, rather than finding ourselves constantly butting heads with life unnecessarily. 


The Enneagram is the best tool I’ve found to help you do that. It helps us understand and accept the patterns we follow that limit us. By doing that, it puts the power to change our lives back in our own hands! 


Most of us are raised with the assumption that we are just like everyone else. We’re encouraged to pursue generic goals and behave in generic ways. Even as we grow older, we continue to follow the path laid out before us, believing that our circumstances are part of who we are. 

Getting to know yourself

We’re all designed to be happy while playing a certain role in the world. By using the systems I’ve studied, I help you find out what that role is. We’ll work to understand your cognitive preferences, emotional needs, and spiritual purpose. 


Your Enneagram type gives a framework for how to live your life. By looking at your present circumstances through that lens, we can much more accurately piece together what to do next. We can help you make the small changes that will have the highest impact on your overall life satisfaction. 

learning to be happy, your way

When people are unhappy, they tend to feel that only a major change could possibly make them feel any different. They become identified with that pain, feeling that it’s a part of who they are. It’s true that sometimes major life changes are in order. But even in those times, it’s important to focus on changing the key factors that are making you unhappy. 


The Enneagram helps us target those factors that are out of balance in your life. The Enneagram helps us understand what causes feelings of fear or comfort for you on a subconscious level. 


What makes you feel appreciated, or comfortable, or loved can actually be quite different than what does that for someone else. And if you’re spending too much time on things that make you uncomfortable, or with people who don’t understand what you need, the stress piles up. 


By figuring out what you need, and how to articulate it to others, you’ll have a much easier time finding happiness every day!


Professional Development with the Enneagram

How does the enneagram help your career?

Personal growth and understanding are key to a happy career, but the Enneagram can also support you professionally in two main ways: by helping you find the right work to do if you’re on the wrong path, or by helping you navigate workplace politics if you’re already in the right place.

Finding the right path

Defining your career is incredibly difficult in the modern day, so much so that a majority of people just fall into their profession. There is a high barrier to entry for any change in direction you want to make in your professional life, and many of us get caught on paths that don’t suit us. Employers mainly care about a candidate’s experience, but the key to success runs much deeper.


That’s where the Enneagram comes in. 90% of the time when you look for career advice you find articles about what different industries are like, or how to push your way into a job you’re not really qualified for. But there are really only two components to job satisfaction: how you work, and what fulfills you. 


The Enneagram provides a map for both. Once you understand the type of work you’re suited to and the type of work you want to do, all that’s left is to take the steps between where you are and where you want to be.


Rather than respecting our feelings at our job, we often opt to minimize them and try to force ourselves to achieve on our present path. But if we don’t take a step back and address the issues, the tensions mount. Our feelings are there to guide us, and if we take the time to understand them we often find that the right path becomes obvious!

the enneagram and workplace politics

Everything you can do to earn a real living involves coordinating with and providing value for others. That’s true whether you run a business independently or work at a Fortune 500 company. Understanding yourself is the key to finding the right career path, and understanding others is the key to success. No matter how balanced you are, you don’t have much control over who you work with, and knowing what motivates the people around is essential to achieving your goals.


The truth is that there are a lot of misconceptions about power dynamics. We think that title or contracts grant power. But in reality, people are incredibly independent and most of the time just do what they prefer to, regardless of the nature of your professional relationship with them.


Because of my lifelong experience with personality typing and the Enneagram, I can help determine the types of the people you work with and coach you through your interactions with them. I can help you understand what to expect from them so you can optimize how you interact with them and minimize dissonances between you.


Better organization and coordination with the coworkers creates a landscape conducive to success for yourself and others. You’ll be able to see a path forward clearly rather than having to worry about what will set you back next, and you’ll be shocked at how many allies you gain as you start the make these changes.


Learning the Enneagram, Finding your Type

Learning the Enneagram

The Enneagram is all about empowering yourself with deeper insight into your own nature, so as a Coach I love to use my expertise to teach the Enneagram in one-on-one sessions. 


If you’re new to the Enneagram, it can be daunting. The mechanics of how the types connect can be complex, and there is a lot of mis-information in circulation. You go onto forums and get detailed advice from someone only to realize that they just started learning the system a week beforehand. 


It’s easy to forget that personality types describe real people, not characters from a movie. The tendency to lean on false images makes it that much harder to use the systems productively.


When I work with people to teach a system, my main focus is to bring the fundamentals of the system into focus in a clear, minimal way, and to ground the discussion in reality. 

finding your type

No matter how well you know a personality typing system like the Enneagram, it’s still very challenging to be objective about yourself. That’s actually the reason we as people tend to like personality typing so much - there’s a natural human desire to understand ourselves, but we’re not very good at it! 


Personality typing systems are a special kind of language which help us understand how others work, as well as how others see us.  As we learn a new system, we’re forced to be more objective about ourselves than normal. The Enneagram will validate some things you’ve always know about yourself and help to reality-check the false identifications you've formed over the years.


If you’re looking for help determining your own type or the type of someone you know, I would love to help you! Most type confusion comes from misunderstanding the system rather than misunderstanding yourself, so I've developed an educational process that allows my clients to slow down their thinking and absorb a lot of information in a shorter amount of time. 


Finding your type is a time-consuming process for everyone, but with the methods I use and resources I recommend in our sessions it can go much faster.