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Learn about the types and the deeper dynamics of the Enneagram system below!

The Basics

What is the Enneagram?

Most people today know the Enneagram as a personality typing system, and it is. But rather than describing concrete qualities of our personalities, it maps out how we forget who we are by clinging to fear.


The Enneagram is a complex structure that describes how we think, how we get stuck in ego-driven, self-defeating patterns, and how we can get back in touch with our Essential nature. 

As you'll see, it combines psychology and spirituality to help guide you back to a state of mind where you accept yourself on all levels. 

Where Do I Start Learning?

Below you'll find articles and videos to help you learn the system, including descriptions of each type and of the more complicated dynamics of the Enneagram! 

Most of what I know is attributable to Don Riso and Russ Hudson. Don Riso learned the Enneagram directly from Claudio Naranjo, who is the first person to connect the Enneagram's spiritual wisdom to personality types. That said, Mr. Riso is responsible for elaborating the type descriptions and discovering the Levels of Development, which are the foundation of the way we use the Enneagram today. He and Russ Hudson co-authored many valuable books, and if you become serious about the system I recommend you read them all!

The System

How does the System Work?

Here are some articles I've written explaining aspects of the system beyond the types themselves:

Basic Mechanics of the Enneagram Personality System

Understanding the Triads

Directions of Integration / Disintegration

Type Descriptions

Learn on YouTube

I created a YouTube Channel to Make Diving deeper into the Enneagram Easier

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